Farm Implements For Sale in Zimbabwe

Diverse agricultural equipment is being used in farms across the world- be it organic or inorganic. Since mechanised agriculture has become rampant in most countries, farm implements have become an indispensable part of agriculture.

Farm implements are known to perform an array of tasks such as, tilling, planting seeds, etc. They are used for the preparation of soil by loosening it as well as killing weeds. Offset discs are used for turning over the soil. Chisels are used for retaining moisture. Some implements are used for spacing out seeds equally, while others are used for planting crops. Transplanters are used for transplanting seedlings.

A variety of farm implements are used for spraying fertilisers and pesticides. There is specialised equipment used for providing water in high volumes to wide areas of land.

New technological equipment are tweaked from their basic versions or predecessors to perform better as modern planters, harvesters and threshers. Our farm implements in Zimbabwe are advanced, hence more precise and ensure minimal wastage of fuel and fertiliser.

When used in combination with brand new Massey Ferguson tractors in Zimbabwe, our diverse range of farm implements for sale, prove to be quite handy in everyday farming operations.

Our tractor dealers in Zimbabwe deal in all the necessary farm implements as listed on our website. Our farm implements in Zimbabwe will simplify traditional farming tasks like cultivating and harvesting crops. Most farm implements are mounted to Massey Ferguson tractors, available for sale with our tractor company in Zimbabwe, to drive power from the tractors.

Some of the benefits of using farm implements along with Massey Ferguson tractors are:

Benifits of Farmig Implements

  • Reduction of labour work due to the equipment’ high-end technology.
  • Being able to meet the quality and quantity demands.
  • Replacement of horses and manual labour to quite an extent.
  • Keeping a record of the work carried out in fields by keeping knowledge of the average capacity.
  • Timeliness
  • Economical costs
  • Hastening production and expansion of operations
  • Boosting agricultural production in the local market

In order to get an estimate on your favoured farm implements, contact our customer service and we will connect you with our reliable tractor dealers in Zimbabwe who will ease your transition to mechanical farming by offering discounted prices.

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  • Adjustable Pintle Hook

    <strong>Pintle Hook Specification</strong> Weight: 39 kg , 50kg Power required: 50hp above. Asperiores, voluptatem perspiciatis.
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  • Agricultural Loader

    <strong>Agricultural Loader Specification</strong> Bucket Size 60″~66″ Lifting Height Max 132″ Control Valve 45ltr 2 Spool Valve Hose Pipe 6000PSl, Double Breaded Sleeve Steel Tube honed Rod Hard Chromed Carbon Steel Pump Tractor Pump Cylinder 4 (60mmx40mm) Seal V Type
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  • Bed Shape Planter

    <strong>Bed shape Planter Specification</strong> FRAME: 50X50X6M BOX HITCH: 75X36X6MM LENGTH: 1520MM HEIGHT: 2240MM WIDTH: 2240MM APPROX WEIGHT: 470KGS
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  • Boom Sprayer

    <strong>Boom Sprayer Specification</strong> Operation Tractor – hydraulic and PTO driven CAPACITY: 500l – 1000L LENGTH: UPTO 10M Nozzle type: Teejet/conical
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  • Border Disc

    <strong>Border Disc Specification</strong> Disc tilt Adjustable Width Adjustable Attachment 3 point linkage Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above
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  • Chisel Plough

    <strong>Chisel Plough Specification</strong> No Of Tines 2-5 Total Width 1570 mm Linkage Capacity: I &II Max Working Depth: 22-25cm Weight: 225-360Kg. Tractor Compatibility: 50HP Onwards
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  • Cotton Ridger

    <strong>Cotton Ridger Specification</strong> Power Source 60-70 HP Tractors. No. of Tines 9 Nos. Type Hydraulic Overall Length 90 inch Overall Height 43 inch Overall Width 36 inch Overall Length (max) 80 inch
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  • Disc Plough

    <strong>Disc Plough Specification</strong> Available from 2-5 discs WEIGHT 550 WORKING WIDHTH 990MM WORKING DEPTH 250MM HEIGHT 1235MMh LENGTH 2130MM POWER REQUIRE 85HP ONWARDS
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  • Farm Trailer

    <strong>Farm Trailer Specification</strong> Tractor Compatibility: Above 50hp Size: 13’X6’X2’ Axle Size: 4-1/2”X3/8” NO OF TIRES 2 to 4 WEIGHT 1000 – 1400 KGS
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  • Farm Trolley

    <strong>Farm Trolley Specification</strong> Tractor Compatibility: Above 50hp Size: 13’X6’X2’ Axle Size: 4-1/2”X3/8” NO OF TIRES 2 to 4 WEIGHT 1000 – 1400 KGS
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  • Fertilizer Spreader

    <strong>Fertilizer Spreader Specification</strong> Attachment 3 Point Linkage system Capacity 250Kgs – 1000kGs Working Width 14m – 18m
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  • Fodder chopper

    <strong>Specifications</strong> Operation PTO Kind of fodder All Kinds Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above
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